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"AN Entralling ride"

INDIEWIRE review by Erin Grover

"Instant classic...Absolutely a must see for fans, but an equally rewarding film for everybody else....touching"

TORONTO FILM SCENE review by critic William Brownridge


CRAVEONLINE review by critic Jennifer Cox 

"I was very skeptical to believe this documentary was going to be even remotely entertaining. I was very pleasantly proven wrong"

THE ARTS GUILD review by critic Ilse De Mucha Herrera


NOW TORONTO review by critic Norman Wilner

"more human than myth-making that we can all relate to in some way...excels as a film about friendship, survival, responsibility and personal identity."

FILM THREAT review by critic Mark Bell

"Far from your standard behind the music...honest look at the human side."

MIAMI HERALD review by critic Madeleine Marr

"Entertaining...not only for the 80's music fan" (8/10 Rating)

Next Projection review by critic Jacqueline Valencia

"You don’t need to be a Quiet Riot fan, or even a heavy metal fan...genuine...funny" (8.3/10 Rating)

LIVE IN LIMBO review by critic Andreas Babiolakis  

"Perfectly documents the often untold truths of a life in the entertainment industry...a healthy dose of humour...a must-see." (8/10 Rating)

EXCLAIM.CA review by critic Matthew Ritchie

"Honest and surprisingly intimate" 

A JOURNEY OF MUSICAL THINGS interview by Julia Wallace